POLY Relationships Makes Sense!

  • What is it like to live in a Polyamorous Relationship! 

    Ms Stacey and I talk about Modern Alternative Relationships; Poly, Open, Swinging and other types a lot! We do not talk with inexperience, as we have participated in Modern Alternative Lifestyle type relationships in our past. What we do talk about is how come there is not more, such relationships evolving into longer term relationships. Reasons why are both positive and negative for the the Modern Alternative Lifestyle, we see forms of it in the the Club but the relationships long or short never seem to evolve to anything of significance. We do not have any answers we can only reflect on what we have experienced personally and what we see others are experiencing.  

    We recently came across this YOU TUBE video of a couple with an extra in Vancouver BC, it caught our attention, and we are now sharing it with you.  

    Polyamory You Tube / Nightline

    Pj & Ms Stacey