B Cups Deserve Attention


    My B-Cups Deserve Some Love, Too

    #1 Fashion choice: whatever doesn’t require a bra.

    Tesia Blake
    Tesia Blake
    Jul 29 · 3 min read

    Don’t get me wrong, B cups are very practical. They come with the confidence of having something there, but nothing that requires too much support. I can pretty much buy anything that seems to be about the right size without even having to try it on. It’ll fit. I know. Bikinis are also easy to shop for, and I don’t need heavy-duty sports bras.

    My DD friends can spend hours shopping for the right bra and still leave empty-handed, because they can’t find options that offer enough support, or the straps are too thin, cutting into their shoulders, and all sorts of other problems.

    With small breasts, my Number 1 fashion choice is anything I can get away with wearing without a bra, which is absolutely not difficult.

    Small breasts also serve as filters for men, meaning that men who are into girls with larger breats don’t usually hit on me. At least, no man has ever told me to my face he wishes mine were larger — and yes, I’ve asked.

    I’m not inclined to appeal to surgery to enlarge my breasts, and I’m glad every guy I’ve been with has steered away from the topic. If I ever have a partner bring that up, my answer would be that he should look for a woman who already fits their fantasies.

    I do get moments of insecurity.

    Putting on a bikini hardly comes without a moment of self-consciousness in which I wish I had more to show off.

    Pillow talk is also a self-confidence booby trap (pardon the pun). I can get chatty after sex, and that’s usually when I bring up my breast size, usually in a self-deprecating manner. I need verbal reassurance, you see. The fact that a guy was attracted enough to want to sleep with me isn’t enough. I need him to tell me he (or lie to me) that he didn’t wish my breasts were any bigger.

    Having small breasts forces me to get creative when I want to stand out. I tend to prefer open-back gowns to plunging necklines for formal events, or a jeans and heels combo that draws attention to my legs and ass in casual situations.

    Ladies know the #1 rule: if you got it, flaunt it; but also: work with what you have.

    Body image issues and insecurity are part of the experience when it comes to being a woman. Ladies with bigger breasts deal with unwanted attention all the time. They deal with ill-fitting underwear and clothes, and with back and shoulder pain from having so much weight strapped on their body by heavy-duty bras all day.

    Smaller breasts insecurities (at least mine) circle around the fear of not looking feminine enough, not being sexually attractive enough, and perhaps having to compensate for it somehow. Ill-fitting clothes are also an issue, but in the shape of blouses that sag too much, and dresses that don’t look quite right. Not to mention feeling a bit ridiculous in strapless anything.

    There’s nothing wrong with resorting to plastic surgery to overcome those insecurities, whether you’re sizing up or down.

    Confident women are a force to be reckoned with, and if you need to tweak your looks a bit to get there, then by all means. Just make sure you’re careful and safe when choosing what you’re doing with your body, and who’s doing it for you — sham physicians are everywhere. Always do your research.

    Despite the occasional insecurity, I’m happy as I am.

    I like not having to wear a bra unless I want to. I like how my breast are perky and firm, despite the fact that’s only because there isn’t much for gravity to pull down.

    Again, any man who thinks that what I have is not enough is more than welcome to go look elsewhere.

    My confidence comes from accepting and loving myself for who I am, and as I am, small breasts and all.