Fantasy Erotica Roleplaying Game

  • Greetings potential gamers,

    What is a roleplaying game, or more specifically what is a fantasy erotica roleplaying game?
    Think of it as the theater of the mind, where you become the actors and actresses in this stage
    play being acted out on graph paper. This is achieved ,while you sit in your comfy arm chair.
    Now I bet you're wondering how something like this gets started, well one has to start at the
    beginning of course. Someone has to become the director of this theater of the mind, and that
    means becoming a God or Goddess. What, did you think we let any old run of the mill person
    take over the job of running our fantasy world! Like any other porno,(err) drama, yes drama
    that's it! No one saw anything! You, as the games master of mischief, create the scenes, your
    clueless clunks play through. You are referred to, depending on your gender bend, as either Sir
    or Madame when your clunks wish to speak to you about their moves.Or have one of those
    pesky questions, like how big is this things dangly bits? If they really knew, they would already
    be running with their collective hands held strategically over their collective bumholes! As Sir
    or Madame you are responsible for creating each lovingly,(err) who put that crap in my script!?
    Have them spanked! Lusty scene in this theater of the mind, you're the one responsible for the
    sexually deviant monsters and the surroundings of each scene your clunks enter. If this sounds
    of interest to you, then feel free to get in touch with me by message on here. I can get you live
    links to get involved in the ongoing live playtesting, and speak to me directly about this project.
    The fact of the matter is. I built the live links,so that I can explain things like, character generation,
    and all of the other concerns a person might have.Currently this project takes me anywhere from
    ten to twelve hours a day, while the wife's away working her fingers to the bone, and having a
    voice server on discord where folks can come talk to me allows me to break up the process and
    talk about a favorite subject. Anyone who wants further info, please feel free to stop by,and jingle
    the voice server on discord, just message me on here for that info.