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  • Thursday
    Tanya & Chris Swingers that are learning to cope with life and still be who they really are. Love in Life is what keeps them going. Join Tanya & Chris and hear how they do it.
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    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Where
    https://www.GTFORadio.com Map
  • Host
    Tanya & Chris
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  • GTFOHosts: LoveinLife
    GTFOHosts: LoveinLife : To-days LIVE show schedule: 05 Pm GTFOLive with Daddy Bear Pj. 07 Pm Love in Life https://bit.ly/2vZw01a with Tanya & Chris. Chris is away so Tanya has invited the ladies to cum and play. Join the discussion 844 855 7399 or join us in our Chat room.
    • Mar 12
  • GTFOHosts: LoveinLife
    GTFOHosts: LoveinLife : Next show topic: How does one deal with and meet people that are very secretive about their LS vs others being so open about the LS? Can they co exist as play partners or friends, or do they avoid eachother for fear of being exposed? And......go lol
    • Jan 7