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  • Join us for our Monthly Open House! Must be at least 18 years of age.
    This event is open to the adult public, and is intended as an introduction to the world of sensual kink.

    Cost: Tour & Workshop & Orientation By Donation
    Social & Play $10.00 for those with an ASPECC Friendship Card or Friends with Benefits Card
    $25.00 for those who do not have an ASPECC card.
    (Friendship and Friends with Benefits Cards are available at the Centre)

    Rules: Zero alcohol, Zero Drugs
    Bring: ID

    7 pm Doors Open

    7:30 Tour and Workshop
    March Sub Space, Drop, Frenzy
    April What's in Your Play Bag
    May Aftercare and Oh Shit Plans
    June Negotiation and Pick Up Play
    (Tour and Workshop Available by Donation, for those not wanting to attend the event)

    8 pm ORIENTATION If you plan to be here to play and explore YOU MUST attend the orientation. Those arriving AFTER the orientation will not be able to attend.

    830-Midnight Demonstrations, Try-It Stations and Play Space
    **No one has to try anything they do not enthusiastically want to try. You set your own boundaries, consent is a key part of our set up**

    Every Month the stations depend on who signs up to demo. Stations typically include the following:
    Spanking Station: Come learn how to give a spanking, and experience it for yourself!
    Erotic Wax Station: Learn about low temperature wax, how to use it, and experience it on your own skin
    Rope Bondage Station: Learn the basics of rope bondage, get a chest harness of your own!
    Bondage Station: Explore leather based bondage!
    Violet Wand and Electro Sex: Check out the cool toys, try them and learn about how they work and how to use them
    Cupping/Fire Cupping: Learn about the ways cupping is used to create erotic sensations, try for yourself
    Flogging: Flogging can be soft and sensual to a more intense sensation. Explore different floggers, how to use them.
    Sensation Booth: all kinds of textures, temperatures, and motions can create intensely erotic sensations. Check this booth out, see the various tools in our sensation kit, and try them out yourself!

    All of ASPECC spaces and events follow our Safe(r) Space Policies. We have ZERO tolerance for aggression, discrimination and other forms of bullying and bigotry.
    info@aspecc.ca for more information


    Q. How much experience do I need to have to attend this event?
    A. All experience levels are welcome. We have trained and screened volunteers available to demonstrate and share their skill and knowledge in all listed activities.

    Q. How is this different from a private play party or public dungeon?
    A This event is intended for those who are new, so that you can interrupt what you are seeing, ask questions, or even try the activity yourself! Typical adult play spaces are set up for adults to go and engage in an acitivty with their playmate/partner(s) and interruption is generally discouraged (with some exceptions). The volunteers here that are demonstrating have all submitted a police background check and participated in an orientation that provides information on consent and respecting boundaries. This is also not the typical level of screening found in Adult play spaces.

    Q. Do I need to bring a partner?
    A. No. You are welcome to bring (a) partner(s), but it is not required.

    Q. What should I expect at this event?
    A. If this is your first time you need to arrive promptly to attend the orientation. The orientation will explain the event, and details the rules, clean up practices, and introduces the demonstration volunteers. Then there is a short tour, showing where each demonstration area is. After that you are free to wander from one demonstration to another. You are encouraged to ask questions, to try the activity or ask for instruction on how to do the activity (whatever interests you!). Most people will try various things. If you do try, you will be in charge of everything that happens. You guide the volunteer as to what you want to experience.

    Q. What about nudity?
    A. We permit top nudity, but bottom nudity is not permitted at this event. We have found that most people are more comfortable in a new space when bottom nudity is not permitted.

    Q. What about sex?
    A. This event does not permit sex. We define sex as any activity involving hand to genitals, mouth to genitals, toys to genitals, or genital to genital If you are still unsure, don't hesitate to ask.

    Q. I thought you guys were sex positive?
    A. We are. Sex positive means to view sexual pleasure as natural, healthy and positive. Some of our events are sex permissive, some are not. This is for the comfort of our guests and attendees.

    Q. What about sexuality? And Gender Diversity?
    A. ASPECC has firm policies in place to support inclusion of all persons regardless of gender or sexuality. We have a zero tolerance for homophobia, trans-phobia, racism, misogyny and otherwise bigoted behaviours.

    Q. What about consent?
    A. Consent is a priority here. We will not tolerate sexually aggressive behaviours. This will be discussed more at the orientation.
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    7:00 PM - 11:50 PM
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    12031 76 St NW , Edmonton Alberta Map
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