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    GTFORadio : GTFORadio proudly supports the Alternative Lifestyle Community. We want everyone to know that there are organizations out there that support our various communities, they do not ask for much attention them selves but they do ask that you know that they...  more
    • Oct 31
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    GTFOHost: Daddy Bear Pj : We received a NEW RELEASE from the ARTIST ROYSE Check it out. Daddy Bear Pj will be adding the track to his Play List
    Listen to this song on all platforms!
    • Oct 14
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    Ms Stacey Show Ms Stacey Jessica 69 Lai A GILF and a MILF different ages different approaches. Join Ms Stacey and Jessica 69 Lai as they explore the world of relationships and sex.

    MS Show: 05.16.19, Scheduled: 05.29.19, Request: Ms Stacey 05.16....
    • May 27
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    GTFORadio : Learn how to become a radio personality
    There are many people in the world that only wish to become a radio personality. In case you are working at a radio station, or even if you are only planning to do that, then you can make it happen if you know...  more
    • May 26
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    PJ: Go to the Front Page / Scroll down to find the "Broadcast Schedule" When scheduled select ""REQUEST Talk Shows"" (about)
    A GTFORadio Profile will open up Select "Request Talk Radio" and make your selection of your...  more
    • November 24, 2018
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    PJ: GTFORadio SEXY INFO Did you know that you can now request your favorite TALK SHOW. GTFORadio Producers have made pre recorded Talk Shows available by request. Every night 7 days a week this feature is available. Go to, check out the...  more
    • November 24, 2018
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    PJ: The GTFORadio / Community Team will be on site at TABOO Calgary today Keep your eyes open for Tanya, Chris & Bartender Rob. They are open to talking to you about what GTFORadio Community has to offer. See you there!
    • November 24, 2018
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