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    Adult Gamer's Erotica RPG!

    Welcome to a world of erotica nonsense, full of silly grossly twisted magic spells, with utterly disgusting sexually deviant monsters and scantily clad hero’s! As you battle your way across Orgasmia a land under siege by the Goody two shoes legions....  more
    led by Lou&Ro

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    Calgary Adult Polyamory Community

    Welcome to the Calgary Adult Polyamory Community (Club). We are a group of open minded people that enjoy each other for what each person is. Relationships that support each other through the good times and the not so good times. Want to learn more join...  more
    led by PJ

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    Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency (BMPA)

    Where Women and some Guys can become a On-Line Star
    led by PJ

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    Adult Talk for the Open Minded
    led by GTFORadio

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    A Little More Interesting

    We are your sources for On Line SEXY Shopping
    led by Big Joe