China Dropshipping - How To Find China Suppliers For Your eBay

  • Many people are selling all types of items on eBay these days and it seems that more and more sellers are selling items from China. The question is how do you find reliable china dropshipping and wholesale suppliers? This article will explain how most power sellers find China dropshipping companies.

    Some people might be asking why would you use a drop shipper versus buying items at wholesale? The answer if fairly easy. When I first starting selling on eBay I found items from around the house to sell. You know, things I really didn't want anymore but still had some kind of value. After awhile I ran out of items to sell. That is when I started looking for wholesale suppliers of items that I could sell on eBay. I bought boxes and boxes of stuff. I had it all shipped to my house and then tried to sell it on eBay. Unfortunately very few people bought the items I was trying to sell. I learned a very hard lesson. The best way to make money on eBay is to use dropshippers. So what is a dropshpper?

    A dropshipper not only inventories the items for you but also ships the items to your customers. The beauty of a dropshipping company is that you don't have to buy the item until you make a sale. This method allows you to list items on eBay that you don't even own. If it sells then you just purchase the item from the dropshipper and then have them send it to your customer. If it doesn't sell then you only lost your listing fee. So what is the catch? Well you must find reliable dropshippers and finding them is not easy. It took me several years before I found a handful of companies that did a good job. The key to finding a good company is to ask a eBay power seller for their source, but chances are they will never give it to you. So what next? Well you need to find an online forum of eBay sellers. Many of these forums will tell you which dropshippers they use and which ones to stay away from.

    If you plan on using dropshippers from China, be careful and make sure you find other eBay sellers that have used the same source.

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